don't see something you like?  contact me, i'll find it!

i use only natural soy wax in these candles. with no added hardeners, or chemicals.  i keep dye usage to a select few batches, because sometimes it seems to add an underlying bitterness to the fragrance.   each candle is handmade in my connecticut home with the promise that it will be worth every penny. soy is eco friendly and the candles are long burning and are said to help cleanse the air.  add those factors with an awesome fragrance and it's totally worth spending a few more dollars than you would at a big chain store. 

I am proud to say that Honeywicks candles are scented with body safe fragrance oils and essential oils from american companies.  most blends are mixed in house so i can give it my own personal spin before being tested to make sure everything is just right. as always, custom orders are welcome,  So if you don't see something, or want a special designed fragrance of your own, contact me and we can get started.    -  Carol